Companies that will host Dynamics GP in the cloud

There are basically 2 approaches to running Dynamics GP in the cloud:

Option 1 -  You buy the software yourself, and then rent a server at a data center.

You own the software.    You do the work yourself.   You are free to hire your own Dynamics GP consultant.    You have flexibility to change your Dynamics GP consultant when you want.

Option 2 -  You don't buy the software, but rather you pay a monthly fee that includes the software and the hardware

You don't own the software.   You still do some of the work yourself, but some of the companies offering Dynamics GP cloud hosting will do some of the work for you (such as setups, or upgrades).    Depending on their business model, some of the Dynamics GP cloud hosting companies do not want you to use your own Dynamics GP consultant, because they want that business.    Other Dynamics GP cloud hosting companies will do some setup/install type work for you but they still want you to have your own Dynamics GP consultant to help with the services they don't offer.   So ask what their attitude is.

Companies That Offer Dynamics GP cloud hosting